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Under the heated economic rapid growth that we are currently live in, our beloved country faces lots of challenges. One of which, is developing the working force’s capacity to meet the Saudi market’s needs. This challenge can only be met when college’s graduates are well equipped with the necessary academic and practical skills.

The Faculty of Economics and Administration (FEA) recognizes the importance of confronting such hurdle. And with the full and continuing support from the University’s top administration, FEA is in a better possession to tackle the challenge. Recently, within FEA the Cooperative Training and Simulations unit (CTS) has initiated the Cooperative Training Program (CTP) in entirely new paradigm and structure.

The new CTP visions itself as a pioneer in making harmony between both education outcome and market needs. Therefore, it carriers the mission of aligning the academic curriculum with the market’s most needed and welcomed competencies. Hence, a strategy was developed to help our graduates to find the matching jobs. Such strategy has its effects on various areas. For example, networking and advertising programs were designed to attract suitable training changes for our students, males and females. The potential sectors include private, governmental and third sector where our students enter the preparatory stage that pave the way for them to effectively join the work.

Our graduates are the number one choice for recruiters.

Finding the right training environment for our students, where their academic and practical skills can flourish.

Our Goals

  • Backing our studens’ theoretical knowledge with the relevant practical training prior to graduating.
  • Developing our students’ competencies, capacities and attitudes through exposing them to the real-life experience of work.
  • Maintaining the CTP ability in supporting both our students and partners to have the right match.
  • Getting closer to work force market, feel its needs and fulfill it.
  • Designing and implementing high quality CTR.

Program Outcomes

  • Improve the level of training for the student through providing him with the required cultures within his training in his learning major.
  • Introduce the work environment to the student and practice its work tasks efficiently.
  • Earn live experience in different work areas and recognize the important skills for career advancement.
  • Receive an experience certificate from the trainer.
  • Ease to have a job after the training.

Involved Academic Departments

Business Administration



Health Services & Hospitals Administration

Management Information Systems



Human Resources Management

Prerequisites for Joining the CTP

  • The applicant has to have finished the 7th semester, or the reacquired courses.
  • The remaining course should not exceed one academic semester.
  • Student’s GPA should not be less than 3 out of 5.

How to Apply for CTP?

  1. Appling via the electronic gate (Form S-01).
  2. Enclosing his or ger transcript.
  3. Enrolling in “Coop-Training” course through ODUS Plus.
  4. No course shall be registered along with the training program as the program needs a full-time effort and concentration.
  5. The applicant must fill and sign the form (2-7).
  6. To fully accept all the terms, conditions, duties and responsibilities (Form S-01).
  7. Additionally, for female applicants:
  8. The parent/guardian must sign an initial consent for joining the CTP (Form S-04).
  9. The parent/guardian must sign a consent regarding the training organization in which the applicant will work (Form S-05).

Strategic Partners

Enabling to work within a competitive and professional environment for more than 80 different training fields from the largest firms across KSA.

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