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مكتبة الشربتلي

Alsharbatly Digital Library (ADL)

Alsharbatly Digital Library (ADL) is considered as the first digital and electronic library at the regional and Arab levels. It’s one of the main qualitative transformations that FEA has achieved so far. Nowadays, it’s one of main features of FEA due to its unique technology that is able to link its users globally easy, ease the communication between students, and instructors whenever it’s needed, and save books and references costs for the students so they proceed their exams and practices simply.

Career Planning and Alumni Unit (CPAU)

The CPAU offers professional advice in collaboration with experts in Human Resource Management from the private sector to help students in the preparation of career plans and getting access to the best job opportunities.

An Alumni is considered an extension of FEA in the community and a valuable resource, therefore, CPAU ensures the creation of a suitable and sustained communication environment where their developmental proposals and experiences are welcome.

Student Tutoring and Support Center (STSC)

FEA students at risk are recommended to seek help from the FEA Tutoring and Support Center (STSC) which offers tutoring in mathematics, finance, accounting and statistics. STSC also offers counseling services.


Academic Advising Unit (AAU)

This unit was established to provide a better understanding of the FEA Academic Programs and to offer students guidance in choosing an academic program that is most suited to them. The AAU also provides academic assistance and advice to students throughout their time at FEA.

Simulation Unit (SU)

The Simulation Unit is responsible for identifying and incorporating advanced teaching tools and techniques into the FEA’s academic programs. The unit currently has simulations in Accounting, Finance and Marketing within its portfolio, which are helping students apply the knowledge that they gain during their studies to actual business scenarios.

Virtual Accounting Office

Virtual Stockroom

Virtual Advertising Agency

FEA Club

The FEA Club is committed to equipping students with skills that will assist them in their practical lives. The club encourages activities that enhance students’ communication and creative thinking skills, and also serves as a forum which links the academic and extra-curricular experiences of students.

Student Committees (SC)

The non-class student activities is one of FEA main interests which is aligned with its interests at its scientific level for science programs to refine the university student characteristics, and to inspire the spirit of competition between FEA students and other colleges students. Therefore, FEA has created committees to take care of non-class activities as below:

Islamic Awareness Committee

Art and Cultural Committee

Social Committee

Sports Committee

By coordinating with Deanship of Student Affairs, the programs of student activities (Islamic, art and cultural, social, and sports) are going to be executed per semester, and competitions are going to be announced as well. FEA has earned most of sports awards and it has been the strongest competitor against other KAU colleges.

Computer Lab (CL)

Based on the FEA’s belief in the importance of providing its students with many skills and knowledge which will hopefully be helpful for them to enter the practical life, FEA has created the Computer Lab (CL) and gathered different training programs to train students before their graduation to enable their computer skills at different levels of skills and programs.

Soft Skills Development Unit (SSDU)

In continuous of FEA efforts to enhance its students’ skills and abilities to improve their life skills efficiently, and to achieve the scientific and educational goals, FEA has created Soft Skills Development Unit (SSDU) which is aimed to supervise students’ skills development with providing proper training courses fulfilling all needs.

Personal Planning Unit

Personal Planning Unit (PPU)

Personal Planning Unit (PPU) takes care of FEA students to solve their problems and obstacles, and to improve and enhance their characters as well. It aims to build them life goals with plans to achieve them by monitoring them until they become capable and undependable in taking decisions with fully trust of themselves.

Personal Planning Unit (PPU) goals are:

  • Provide coaching services.
  • Providing training courses and programs.
  • Providing specialized personal planning consulting.
  • Organizing awareness exhibits and events.
  • Create helpful tools to support the personal planning.
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