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The FEA is characterized by a modern philosophy based on several central directions, the most important of which is building strategic partnerships to create an environment in which faculty members can realize their potential and participate effectively in the development of the economic and administrative environment of the Kingdom.

Central to this philosophical approach is helping students to develop the knowledge and skills to compete locally, regionally, and internationally. This aspect of our approach relies on supporting the creative and innovative skills of our faculty members and arming outstanding students with the tools needed to become community leaders and entrepreneurs.

Objectives of the Faculty


The FEA seeks to achieve a number of key objectives including:

  1. Developing scientific knowledge in the subjects explored by the academic departments and encouraging basic and applied research related to the working environment of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  2. Supplying the labor market in the Kingdom with graduates with the specialized skills and knowledge needed to advance business objectives.
  3. Heeding Islamic thought in the teaching and research of all the subjects within the purview of the FEA.
  4. Connecting the FEA to the community and contributing to the advancement and well-being of the latter by:
    • Encouraging executive training and providing a range of focused intensive training programs for public and private sectors in specialized fields and related areas that help meet the needs of the community.
    • Holding scientific seminars on the FEA’s fields of specialization in direct relation to the problems of society.
    • Providing professional consultation and case studies pertaining to community institutions in scientific fields related to the disciplines of the FEA.
    • Supporting applied research that addresses the economic and administrative problems of society by encouraging faculty members and graduate students to carry out research, including by collecting and analyzing data in order to find solutions to a range of societal problems.
    • Strengthening institutional relationships and partnerships with leading national, regional, and international universities and academic research centers.
    • Developing curricula within the FEA to address identified community needs and connecting these to practical progress in similar disciplines at other universities and responding to the demands of the Saudi labor market.
    • Encouraging faculty members to conduct high-quality scientific research in their respective fields of specialty and in areas related to the Saudi environment, including by providing funding for the publication of this research in international scientific journals and adopting appropriate works as university textbooks and/or references.

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